A Partnership

Learning at Walter J. Katnich CDS is a combined effort involving students, family, and school.

Together, we strive to provide a successful learning experience in a structured and
emotionally safe atmosphere. Instruction at Walter J. Katnich CDS imparts knowledge while it
develops critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are helped to identify their
strengths, maximize their potential, and encouraged to become productive members of
our society. The goal of the program is to successfully return students to their local
school within two semesters.

Each student works toward goals outlined in an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP),
which is established by the Lodi Unified Board of Education at the time of expulsion. In
order to return to a local school, students must maintain a “C” grade in all
classes and meet the behavioral and attendance goals outlined in their ILP.
Students who fail to meet the ILP goals are referred to the San Joaquin County
Office of Education for educational program placement.

Classes are kept small - at least 15:1 - to ensure students meet grade-level standards.
Classes also are supported by an instructional assistant. Parents are encouraged to be
actively involved and work with the classroom teacher to ensure that any missed
homework and/or classroom assignments are completed, so that the student can
successfully accomplish the ILP goals and return to a traditional school setting.

Every Student, Every Chance, Everyday is a New Beginning…