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Home Access

To access your student's information: 

  1. Please click here on Home Access Center
  2. Enter your secure login information (Use Login and Password that you received or was mailed to your residence.)
  3. If you experience difficulty or have any questions about this service, please contact the school at 331-7331.


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Student Attendance

  • Parents, please clear attendance within 10 days.
  • If there is an error and your student was marked absent by the teacher, they have until the end of the quarter to have the teacher correct the mistake. If absences are not cleared, truancy notification letters will be mailed home.
  • Parents, please check your student’s attendance regularly.
  • Call Henderson if there are any problems @ 209-311-7331

What is Family Involvement?

Family involvement is communicating and doing things with your student, your student's teacher, or your student's school to support your student's learning and success. Parents, family members, and other caregivers can be involved in a student's education in many ways. For instance...

  • Talk with your student about homework and offer to help your student understand and learn
  • Provide a quiet space at home for homework
  • Have your student read out loud to you
  • Talk with your student about the importance of learning
  • Talk with your students about college and careers
  • Send notes, emails, or call the school (331-7331) to communicate teachers and other school staff  

Will My Child Be Promoted?

Today: 6/22/18

Our Namesake

Walter J. Katnich CDS
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Dr. Dominee Muller-Kimball, Principal
Office Hours 7:00 AM-3:30 PM
Office 209-331-7331

Parent Safety Newsletter

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